Tilt and Cube Trucks

Tilt and Cube Trucks

Tilt and cube trucks - trolleys on wheels - rugged and heavy weight trucks can be used for moving waste or packaging or load handling within many different environments. Easy to use trolleys buy online

Tilt and Cube Trucks Trolleys On Wheels

These rugged tilt and cube trucks from Rubbermaid are ideal for a number of goods handling applications within the catering or hospitality outlet. They are specifically designed to be managed by one person so staff can ensure safe operation but maintain a thorough and effective service. Just because they are easy to handle doesn't mean they are lightweight and ineffectual. The tilt an cube trucks are made with a metal frame but are also constructed with polyethylene to be light in operation. They are built to fit through standard doorways and lift entrances and so are really effective within a catering or hospitality environment.

tilt and cube trucks

Trolleys on wheels offer a safe and hygienic way to handle waste or packaging and to ensure safe handling of heavy loads. These trolleys are specifically designed to be easy to steer and can be emptied in a one tip action..

Trolleys On Wheels


Tilt trucks allow easy tilting and dumping by one person whilst cube trucks can be used for waste collection.