Storage Trolleys Catering

Storage Trolleys Catering

Storage Trolleys Catering Canteen cafe trolleys for storing cutlery, clean trays and drying trays or empty bottles in pubs and bars for safe storage

Storage Trolleys Catering Canteen and Cutlery

Storage Trolleys are ideal for many applications within the catering and hospitality industries this selection offers a range of Catering Trolleys for specific storage requirements such as storing cutlery in self service areas, stacking trays or for empty bottles in bars and pubs. Bottle trolleys are ideal for bars, clubs, pubs and even canteens where the trolley can be wheeled to the recycling bins.

Canteen Trolleys make sure that trays are safely stacked ready for customers to use when approaching the self serve counters. There are also specific trolleys for storing trays that have been washed up so they dry properly leaving a clean tray for diners to use.

Cutlery trolleys are ideal in cafes, canteens, hospitals and hostels always ensure there is a supply of clean ready to use cutlery by using storage catering trolleys to suit the specific requirement.

 Cater For Storage Trolleys Catering Canteen and Cutlery

A choice of metal cutlery trolley or polythene bottle trolley on castors.