Modular Shelving

Modular Shelving

A big storage shelving unit range online offering a reliable and useful storage solution for all types of goods

Reliable sturdy shelves built specifically for the catering trade The storage shelving unit range includes Fermod shelves - they are easy to clean and can carry up to 120kg per shelf giving a very versatile storage option. They are constructed in foodsafe materials to give peace of mind for any catering outlet and can be used in cold storage situations, too. The whole range of storage shelving unit products online are versatile and can offer a modular solution to ensure you can have storage to suit your needs and premises.

Our range of wire shelves are available as freestanding units or modular shelving to suit your business. They are very stylish as well as practical and because they look so nice they can be used in front of house areas. Ideal for hairdressers, beauty salons and spas as well as kitchen areas they can be an attractive display solution. The Craven shelving range is also very flexible and can even have castors supplied to give you a mobile storage solution. Versatile, rugged and built for the purpose the whole range of storage shelves is a reliable solution for many businesses.

A wide range of shelving systems made of chrome, aluminium and polymer; can be designed to meet your needs from a choice of components