Trolleys and Shelving

Trolleys and Shelving

Ideal Bakery Equipment For Catering Kitchens. GN Tray holding trolleys, tea trolleys, restaurant clearing trolleys, shelves, carts and trucks.

Trolleys And Shelving Ideal Bakery Equipment

Cater For offers a whole array of trolleys and shelving for all types of application. They are all built to commercial catering quality and are therefore built to resist a rugged and harsh environment. They are built to to be of practical use within any environment and are ideal as bakery equipment. Trolleys on wheels are used as catering trolleys in restaurants or canteens for cutlery storage, clearing table trolleys or kitchen trolleys. Catering trolleys used as kitchen trolleys can be used for a multitude of tasks such as storing crockery, garnishes or condiments for chef and kitchen staff to move around. Trolleys and shelving can be used as ideal bakery equipment for racking GN trays with dishes prepped up and awaiting cooking, serving or refrigeration.

Cater For trolleys and shelving
Cater For Ideal Bakery Equipment

Catering equipment trolleys and shelving can also include wine racks, sack trolleys, kitchen trolleys and wire shelving systems. Wire shelving systems are ideal for storing foods and ingredients in catering kitchens. These wire shelving systems and shelves are ideal for either dry food store or coldroom store. Wine racks are also great for pubs, clubs, bars and hotels they are rigid and some offer modular wine racks for bottle storage. Sack trolleys are ideal for moving stock around easily and safely.


Trolleys on wheels are ideal for other business applications,too. Cleaners trolleys offer trolleys on wheels with various storage systems and bags attached for housekeeping or maintenance staff. A range of cleaners trolley including cleaning accessories are also available. Trolleys on wheels can also be used in office buildings, care homes and conference centres for use as tea trolleys. Tea trolleys mean that everything you need for refreshments is available around the building. Sack trucks are also ideal as bakery equipment for carrying large bags of mixes.

Cater For trolleys and shelving ideal bakery equipment