Stainless Steel Tables

Stainless Steel Tables

Stainless Steel Tables Catering Kitchen Equipment. Great as chefs prep tables, fishmongers, greengrocers or butchers. Hygienic easy clean metal fabricated benches. Great for florists, vets and clinical areas.

Stainless Steel Tables Catering Kitchen

Stainless steel catering prep tables are kitchen tables ideal for catering kitchens and food preparation areas. The catering tables create a space within busy kitchens for preparing food and meals. They are easy to keep clean and create a professional kitchen area for all catering jobs. The work table can be used around the walls to create a smooth work surface. A work table with a lipped upstand at the rear helps to prevent utensils and pieces of food falling to the back of the table and to the floor. Most come with adjustable feet to get the correct height on uneven floors and an undershelf for storage.
Stainless steel tables are available in a range of sizes to suit any kitchen, including corner units and shelving and prep tables combined. For events caterers or mobile catering we have folding stainless steel catering kitchen tables. These provide a working space and prep area, which ca be set up anywhere.

Tables and sinks in stainless steel catering quality materials are robust and made to meet the heavy duty day to day tasks to be carried out in most catering kitchens. These stainless steel tables are also ideal for schools, laboratory or medical centres, florists, fishmongers and butchers alike. They are also ideal for restaurant supply but are also equally as useful in any food preparation area or testing facility.


Cater For stainless steel catering kitchen tables

A wide range of stainless steel preparation tables with or without upstands and lockable drawers.