Tables and Sinks

Tables and Sinks

Tables And Sinks - Stainless steel catering is great for catering kitchens and food handling outlets. Easy to clean, hygienic and sturdy. Buy from our range online!

Tables And Sinks Stainless Steel Catering

Cater For offers a comprehensive range of tables and sinks for a catering kitchen environment. We offer catering tables and sinks, taps, pre rinse taps and stainless steel workbench solutions. These tables and sinks are suitable for restaurant supply, hotels, food preparation areas and can even be used for butchers, florists and fishmonger shops. The stainless steel catering tables are great as a catering kitchen work table. Chefs can use these stainless steel catering tables as work tables to prep food, stack plates and dishes and create finishing touches to all meals.

Tables and sinks commercial catering equipment

Stainless steel catering sinks and taps are ideal as catering sinks within a working catering kitchen. The stainless steel catering sinks are easy to keep clean, come in a range of sizes and are available with single or double bowls and drainers. Catering sinks and taps are built to withstand the rigors of a commercial catering kitchen environment. Catering sinks are available in right hand or left hand drainer sinks and taps in a choice of standard or pre rinse style. These catering sinks are also suitable for vets surgeries, pet parlours or health spas.

stainless steel catering
Stainless steel catering tables and sinks are also ideal for florists shops,butchers, bakers,fishmongers and any environmentwhere a preparation table is needed that can be wiped down easily and is durable and long lasting in any area. Not only are these stainless steel tables suitable as kitchen tables they are also great for bars and pubs and with the folding kitchen tables outdoor catering and BBQ's, too.



Stainless Steel Catering