Service Trays

Service Trays

Service trays, restaurant service equipment and bar trays. Buy online all you need for professional serving of meals and drinks to customers.

Service Trays Restaurant Service Equipment and Bar Trays

Cater For offers a comprehensive range of service trays including food trays and bar trays. Our range of plastic trays are suitable as restaurant service equipment. Fast food service trays are great for American dners or burger bars. Servce trays are also great for use in canteens, schools and self serve restaurants. Service trays are a boon to busy bistros, pubs and hotels.

Non slip bar trays are great for serving drinks in pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants.

Cater For service trays
Cater For bar trays

Cater For offers plastic trays or more traditional wooden trays as serving trays for food and drinks. Our rangr of restaurant service equipment can be used as waiter or waitress trays in either non slip plastic, especially good for drinks or more traditional wooden trays as food serving trays.

Melamine trays are ideal for schools, nurseries, colleges, care homes or institutional buildings they have compartments for food and drink, can be put in a dishwasher. Melamine trays with compartments are available in a range of colours making them especially suitable for children and family diners.

Cater For restaurant service equipment