Food Merchandisers

Food Merchandisers

Restaurant Food Display pie cabinets, pastry display cabinets, pizza, cake and brioche cabinets - display food looking it's best to sell.

Food Merchandisers Restaurant Food Display

Food merchandisers are pieces of catering equipment suitable for the storage of food or food display within cafes, restaurants, canteens self service diners or pubs. A pie warmer is ideal for pubs, fish and chip shops, takeaways and social clubs where pastries and pies are stored and kept warm in counter top cabinets. A pie warmer or heated food display is great for storing pies, sausage rolls and other pastries items can be kept at the right temperature and you can create a tempting display of food. Specialised pizza heated restaurant food display cabinets are available to tempt diners to pizza served looking delicious and at the correct temperature.

One of the most popular heated food merchandisers ranges is the Lincat Seal range. Well known for their range of catering equipment suitable for all catering outlets, Lincat produce some stylish counter top cabinets suitable for the display of food. Food merchandisers are available as ambient, chilled or heated food display with self service windows and with curved or rectangular glass panels. These are ideal as restaurant food display solutions where diners can be tempted by a display of dishes that look good and may increase sales. Creating a display of food that looks appealing and is served at the correct temperature and freshness is essential for encouraging sales and keeping customers. Our range of ambient, chilled and heated food display is available online 24/7.

Counter top cabinets are also available in a refrigerated merchandisers range. These are ideal for storing cream cakes, deli products, cold snacks and small bottles of juice for canteens, visitor centres, cafes and restaurants.


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