Servery and Display Machines

Servery and Display Machines

Food Service Equipment for catering outlets such as self serve canteens, restaurants, coffee shops and carvery pub diners. Choose from large online selection.

Servery And Display Machines Food Service Equipment

Cater For offers a range of commercial servery and display machines for restaurants. Heated food servery and display machines such as hotplates, soup kettles and carvery heated gantry displays available online 24/7. A range of hotcupboards and plate warmers are available from this section for catering outlets. Heated food displayand servery machines are essential for restaurants, canteens and eateries. Items such as heated pie cabinets and merchandisers are great for selling hot food to customers as food is kept at optimum temperature and looks good enticing customers to buy.

Food service equipment such as hotcupboards and plate warmers are ideal for restaurants for carvery and servery counters as well as back of house. Plate warmers are ideal for larger catering outlets such as canteens, hotels and bistros ensuring that food is served at optimum temperature. Soup kettles are great as food service equipment for canteens, cafes and visitor centres display soup ready to serve for diners to help themselves. Encourage more sales of hot food by using a soup kettle displayed alongside fresh bread rolls or crusty bread. A soup kettle can also be used to display curry, chilli and casseroles not just soup.

Hotplates are ideal as food service equipment for hot foods , which entice customers as they see and smell food and are tempted to buy. Hotplates can also be used for self service meals within canteens and cafes so reducing the need for staff to serve up food at servery counters. A bains marie is also useful to keep food at optimum temperature for diners, either in the kitchen or at servery counters.

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