Easyzap Flykillers

Easyzap Flykillers

Insectocutor Style Or  Fly Paper Glueboard -  zap insects or catch on glue board fly killers. Maintain hygiene and pest free place in restaurants and food handling outlets.

Easyzap Flykillers Insectocutor Fly Paper

Cater For sells Easyzap flykillers online with next day delivery and competitive pricing. The electric insectocutor equipment kills flying insects to preserve a hygienic and bug free environment. These are ideal for restaurants, takeaway outlets and canteens in fact any area where food is handles or cooked. Commercial catering kitchens benefit from Easyzap Fly killers because they are a clean and convenient way to rid food areas of flying pests. Hang an insectocutor to cover the area required and leave it to do the task.



Fly paper style fly killers are based on a more presentable solution for front of house areas. The decorative units have glue boards inside and a light to attract flying pests.


easyzap flykillers and fly paper

Quality commercial flykillers in strong metal or plastic casing.