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Pest Control

Fly Control Bug Zappers for catering kitchens. Maintain hygiene standards - BUY ONLINE!

Pest Control Fly Control Bug Zappers

Cater For offers a wide range of pest control products for the commercial catering kitchen or food production areas. Bug zappers or Electric fly killers as they are more commonly known keep your kitchen free of flying insects and flies. Fly killers are available to cover various size kitchens for fly control so make sure you choose the best size to cover your needs. Spare tubes are also available for the electric bug killers. For the restaurant or eateries where pest control is required there are also alternative products available for fly control near food. For restaurants or dining rooms there are a range of decorative bug zappers available. There are also fly control insect killers suitable for outdoor areas such as patios, BBQ areas and outdoor dining areas.

Chain door fly screens are available in this pest control section. These fly control products allow staff to move through open doorways but restrict flying insects. These pest control fly screens are great in the summer when you want the doors open.

Cater For Pest Control Fly Control Bug Zappers