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Bakeware - Cake Tins and Ovenware

The bakeware selection of products offers a wide range of cake trays and baking accessories for chefs and home baking enthusiasts, alike. Choose from traditional baking trays and cupcake tins through to pork pie tins to make sure you can make and bake anything you want to in your kitchen with a good range of bakeware.

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Cake Tins - try a traditional springform tin style for sponges and light cake mixes or a fixed base tin for heavier fruit cakes to give more support to the denser mix. Choose tins that offer even cooking and no hot spots as cakes need an even temperature to make sure they rise properly. Victoria sponge tins give two sponges for layering or loaf tins are ideal for loaf cakes such as lemon drizzle cake.

Ovenware is ideal for making cakes, pastries and desserts there is a wide range of ovenware online suitable for lots of different dishes. Flan tins or quiche trays are great for making pastry or even sponge flans. A lift out base in ovenware makes it easy to plate up finished dishes. Yorkshire pudding trays, pork pie tins and muffin trays are all ideal if you want to make homemade dishes either at home or in the catering industry for discerning clients. 

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