Laundry Housekeeping Equipment commercial washing of table linen, bed linen and cloths. Ideal for hotels, restaurants and care homes. You may also find our Janitorial Carts and Trolleys section useful.


Laundry Housekeeping Equipment

Cater For offers commercial laundry washing machines and housekeeping equipment for catering outlets, hotels and leisure centres. Industrial machines offer great cleaning and are suitable to cope with the rigours of commercial requirements. Top loading washing machines are high capacity industrial washing machines and are particularly suitable for hotel linen, table linen and other catering cloths and linen items. Commercial laundry machines also have a bleach dispenser if required to eliminate stains fully from laundry. Industrial washing machines also include top loading dryers to ensure a full solution.

Housekeeping equipment such as ironing presses are ideal for the commercial laundry department. These ironing presses are built to withstand the robust environment of commercial laundry needs. They can halve the time spent pressing linens. The ironing presses are ideal as housekeeping equipment for small hotels, bed and breakfast guest houses, care homes and catering outlets. These presses complement the use of industrial machines and top loading washing machines giving a complete in house solution to laundry. Housekeeping equipment also includes linen trucks.

Cater For Laundry housekeeping equipment