Polar Ice Makers

Polar Ice Makers

Buy a Bar Ice Machine from the Polar Ice Makers range for making ice cubes for pubs, bars, clubs, nightclubs, hotels and restaurants. Stay cool.....Buy online NOW!

Polar Ice Makers Bar Ice Machine


Cater For offers Polar ice makers to buy online 24/7. These commercial ice machines are suitable for pubs, bars, clubs and student unions where a ready supply of ice for drinks is important to keep customers happy. These ice makers offer a value for money range of refrigeration equipment, which offers a budget but reliable range of refrigeration. The ice makers are available in many sizes to suit the capacity you need. You can choose from bullet shaped ice or square ice cubes with the Polar ice makers range of machines.

bar ice machines

Cater For has a range of Polar ice makers online for all businesses. The range includes some smaller manual fill ice machines suitable for cafes, take away outlets and coffee shops where plumbing and space is an issue but a supply of ice is required. These smaller units are filled with water and then create ice for drinks - the Polar ice makers are compact and counter top models.

Cater For offers a range from which to choose a Bar Ice Machine that is suitable for professional catering outlets and commercial food handling businesses. The equipment in the commercial hospitality equipment range is all built to withstand the rigors of a day to day catering environment and covers items such as furniture, refrigeration and cooking machines. Supplies are available for pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants, bistros and coffee shops. The range is also ideal for local authority buildings, spas and rseidential care homes.

Polar Ice Makers