Multipurpose Barrier Systems

Multipurpose Barrier Systems

Queue Management - crowd control in hotels, nightclubs, theatres and self serve canteens. Create orderly crowd control systems within your business reception or lobby area. 

Multipurpose Barrier Systems Queue Management

Multipurpose barrier systems are available from the Cater For website Hotel lobby section 24/7 for your convenience. The systems allow effective crowd management in an easy to use format. The multipurpose barrier systems can be used in lots of different environments - use in hotels and theatres or conference centres to ensure orderly queuing and keep customers happy. You can use fixed rope systems that are in situ attached to the wall and free standing posts - the ropes can be easily unhooked to allow access. Alternatively there are retractable barrier's that can be opened out as and when needed for security or queue management. These can be moved into place as and where required.

multipurpose barrier systems

Queue management is essential to maintain order and professionalism within any business. The queue management barriers are ideal for use in cafes, bistros and restaurants where cafe barriers can be used to mark out seating areas for diners and customers eating al fresco. Barriers like these in various colours are able to be used to mark out specific areas for dining, seating or events areas not only for crowd management but to enable more adaptable use of your business building.

queue management


Choice of ropes that clip into barriers and wall fixings or barriers that retract into posts.