Artificial Plants and Planters

Artificial Plants and Planters

Artificial Plants and Planters - Plastic Flowers and Lobby Planters 

Cater For offers a range of contract furniture for restaurants, hotels, pubs, canteens and spa or leisure outlets. These artificial plants and planters are also ideal for hotel or office lobby areas, waiting rooms or public access areas. Plastic flowers need no water and very little maintenance but create a professional and stylish presentation for hospitality and catering outlets or office buildings.

Cater For plastic flowers and lobby planters
Cater For artificial plants and planters

Lobby planters offer an attractive way to display either artificial plants or real plants in any lobby area or reception lobby. The range of lobby planters offers something for all buildings - they are robust yet stylish for use with any decor.

Cater For offers a range of attractive plastic flowers and artificial plants from hanging baskets to tall plants with foliage.

Attractive artificial plants and hanging baskets.