Safety Boots

Safety Boots

Safety Boots Toe Cap Footwear steel toe caps are replaced with 200 joules plastic - light, sturdy and hard wearing for catering staff, medical staff, gardeners and factory workers

Safety Boots Toe Cap Footwear

Safety Boots

Safety boots offer protection at work, whether you are working in a canteen, a factory or a residential nursing home there are hazards that can make workplaces unsafe if you have the incorrect footwear. Safety boots are lightweight yet hard wearing and able to protect feet from dropping items or when moving heavy equipment. Safety boots have soles, which are non slip and can protect you from falling on spills they also offer anti static protection - so even when you are moving quickly on different floor surfaces the static will not build up.

Toe cap footwear can be in steel or plastic toecap protective areas inside the toe cap footwear. This will ensure safety for your feet for falling items or moving furniture or even trolleys. The protection is made to all safety standards to give you peace of mind. Modern toe protection includes plastic,which is made especially to be able to withstand impact but is much lighter than traditional steel toe caps.

Cater For safety boots toe cap footwear
Durable leather safety boots with toe protection and heat and slip resistant anti static soles. Safety boots are available in lace-up or slip-on styles. Our safety footwear conforms to EN 345 (S1P) regulations.