Crocs Professional Clogs

Crocs Professional Clogs

These are genuine Crocs 

Crocs Safety Footwear Professional Clogs

Safety Footwear

When you're on your feet all day at work you need footwear that is comfortable, well fitted and sturdy. If you're working in an environment where spills and floor debris are likely such as catering, nursing or industrial outlets you need safety footwear that is going to cope with the rigours of that industry. Many safety footwear ranges will offer toe protection for items falling on your feet when working. Modern toe protection safety footwear offers a lighter solution than the older style steel toe capped.

Safety footwear will often have shock absorbent non slip soles. This will ensure comfort and safety whilst working. Many clogs and shoes in the safety footwear ranges have covered toes and some have covered heels to meet workplace standards. When footwear is comfortable and light you can get on with your job without worrying about aching feet or heavy tired legs.

A lot of the safety footwear is also in modern styles so they don't look out of place in the catering kitchen, clinic or front of house for waiting staff. The ranges are stylish but still hardwearing and strong to allow for use on wet and oily floors, spilled liquids and tiled surfaces. Safety can also be provided with protective gloves and mitts from chefs oven mitts to disposable medical gloves.

Safety footwear is ideal for factory staff, nurses, clinical staff, vets, morticians, chefs, kitchen staff, waiting staff, porters, florists, butchers and shop staff. For chefs we also offer chef clothing 

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Work Shoes

Many different working environments require that staff wear quality work shoes not only for protection and comfort but also for health and safety regulations. But when you're on your feet all day you need something that is easy to wear and keeps you feeling composed. So choose a style that is lightweight and has some flexibility in it and also look for soles that have shock absorption to give your feet a comfortable ride throughout the day. Modern work shoes come in a range of styles offering somethi8ng for all industry applications. Many people choose clogs for kitchen or clinical jobs such as catering or nursing. These clogs are lightweight work shoes and offer a really resistant and reliable work shoe for many people.

You may have a specification to have covered in heels and toes so choose a stylish trainer or elegant shoe style from the work shoes range. These will look good even if you are in front of customers all day so are ideal for waiting staff and porters at hotel reception. Some work shoes offer ergonomic foot beds or orthotic inners this means that the wearer can enjoy extended comfort throughout the day. look for an antibacterial lining or breathable inners and outers - after a long day at work you're feet will thank you. Work shoes are built to withstand the day to day harsh environment of work and are made to last.


Genuine Crocs offer a stylish modern and lightweight solution for people wearing safety footwear to work. These Crocs are also so comfortable and lightweight they are often chosen as footwear for gardening, water sports, beachwear and for leisure. Crocs undergo rigorous testing to ensure they offer a safe and reliable clog or shoe for safety footwear use. The Crocs clogs and shoes are made in their trademark Croslite material offering a soft, lightweight, non-marking and odor-resistant quality giving ultimate comfort for the wearer. On the base of the shoe you will find the Crocs Lock™ tread offering slip resistance on oil, water, soap and other slippery surfaces. Circulation nubs inside most of the Crocs footwear keeps the circulation going and ensures tired feet are kept to a minimum - especially good when you work all day on your feet. And when you've finished work the Crocs are easy to clean keeping them fresh and presentable.

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