Insulated Beverage Dispensers

Insulated Beverage Dispensers

Catering Thermos containers are ideal for events caterers or mobile catering and hospitality events. Store drinks and serve at optimum temperature throughout the day.

Insulated Beverage Dispensers Catering Thermos

Cater For offers insulated beverage dispensers from Cambro. These versatile insulated carriers are great for catering on the move, either for events, functions or hospitality occasions away from main kitchen facilities. The insulated beverage containers are built to be rugged for handling and transportation. They are designed to give easy dispense of hot and cold drinks at any event occasion. The one [piece seamless plastic dispensers can stack together meaning you can transport and store easily, too.

Insulated beverage dispensers

A catering thermos container will keep hot drinks and liquids hot for hours giving an on tap source of hot drinks even when you're away from the main catering facilities. The catering thermos will also keep drinks cold in store until required - refreshing on a hot day or at sports events.


Catering thermos

Keep beverages hot or cold for hours. One piece seamless double wall polyethylene construction. Sturdy plastic latches that will never rust and easy to open. Stackable with drip proof two position tap, vent cap and moulded handles. Available in two sizes.