Gastronorm - Polycarbonate

Gastronorm - Polycarbonate

Food Storage Containers - professional food service and presentation. Great for catering outlets, events caterers and general restaurant uses or delis and sandwich shops.

Gastronorm - Polycarbonate Food Storage Containers

Cater For offers Gastronorm in Polycarbonate for professional caterers, food service companies and food handling businesses. Polycarbonate GN containers allow chefs and kitchen staff to easily identify the contents of the food storage containers whilst carrying out prep tasks in the kitchen area. Polycarbonate gastronorms are safe to use up to 100 degrees Centigrade. They stay cool to the touch and also offer safe handling in busy kitchen environments. many of the gastronorm containers are available to buy with lids.

Gastronorm - Polycarbonate

Food Storage Containers that are made of polycarbonate are also good for servery areas or food display counters. They are ideal for hotels, restaurants and events caterers or functions. The food storage containers are also suited to deli counters for food stuffs or sandwich shops and salad bars,too.

Food Storage Containers


Polycarbonate remains cool to the touch for efficient handling and is dishwasher safe. Containers, lids and drainer plates.