Catering Food Machinery robust specialised industrial equipment for bakeries, food handling outlets and commercial kitchens. But planetary mixers and food processors online.

Mixers Catering Food Machinery

Cater For offers a large range of mixers available from the web 24/7 at your convenience. These cover smaller food processor mixers and larger industrial planetary mixers for commercial catering outlets. These are ideal for a range of professional food prep in any catering kitchen. The mixers are also ideal for bakeries, hotels, residential nursing homes and canteens where wholesale production of meals is a big part of day to day cooking. Mixers will create any number of dishes in the kitchen and can be set off to prep up dishes with little staff interaction and little time wasted. These time consuming tasks can be performed easily and en mass by less trained staff freeing chef up for other tasks.


Catering Food Machinery is built to withstand the day to day rigors of an industrial kitchen environment. The equipment is made to be used day in day out in an environment that demands high standards and quick operation. The catering food machinery covers many tasks in the food prep duties range it is made to process lots of different food types and prep tasks with different speeds and accessories.

Catering Food Machinery