Juice Extractors

Juice Extractors

Commercial Kitchen Products - professional range of juicers for fresh juices in hotels, cafes, bars, canteens and restaurants. Buy Online.

Juice Extractors Commercial Kitchen Products

Cater For offer a range of juice extractors to buy online 24/7 at your convenience. The juice extractors can cope with creating juice from fruits and vegetables to offer your customers something a little different. The juice extractors are easy to use and able to cope with large capacities of fruits or vegetable food preparation.

The Commercial Kitchen Products online offers a robust and speedy solution for outlets requiring fresh juice production. Ideal for sandwich shops, juice bars, canteens, health spas and hotels. These are also suitable for mass production of an in house soft drinks range in pub diners, bistros and nightclubs.

Some juice extractors are also suitable for home use for sports and health enthusiasts or those wishing to experiment with fresh juices at home.


juice extractors Commercial Kitchen Products