Food Processors and Veg Prep

Food Processors and Veg Prep

High quality food processors and vegetable preparation machines.

Food Processors And Veg Prep

Chefs and caterers will know how tedious day to day food prep can be in the commercial catering kitchen. Food prep machines prove to be an absolute blessing for busy food prep areas they also enable less qualified staff to carry out the more mundane tasks leaving chef to create new dishes. Commercial food machinery such as food prep machines, food blenders and food mixers are especially built to cope with the arduous tasks in catering kitchens. Cater For offers a wide range of commercial appliances, which will help you in your food prep tasks from vegetable prep to creating dough's, sauces or mixes. Kitchen equipment such as food processors offer solutions for many of the food prep tasks in commercial kitchens they can help with slicing and cutting vegetables and fruit or act as a food blender liquidising, mixing and pureeing ingredients easily and quickly. Multi function vegetable food prep machines can cope with many different preparation tasks specific to fruit and vegetables in the busy catering outlet. Create an array of exciting vegetables which are sliced, julienne sliced, grated,crinkle cut or diced easily and quickly.

A commercial modern food mixer or food processor can beat, whisk, make dough, liquidise, crush or stir ingredients to make various dishes. Some food mixers in our range offer the facility to cook as well as perform food prep tasks. These food processors can operate up to 120 degrees Centigrade and can warm, heat through or cook ingredients that have been processed, saving on time and making it easy to create dishes especially for smaller establishments.


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