Domestic Customers

Welcome to our kitchenware and catering equipment website. Cater For website was intended for business clients to supplement our Epos services to clients - check us out at www.business-reply.co.uk. If you are a domestic customer you are more than welcome to use our site and benefit from trade prices. If you would prefer to see product prices including VAT then please feel free to use the VAT switcher at the bottom of the page. This will show you the prices including VAT and may help you when choosing products for your home. Many of our professional catering equipment products could also be used in a domestic kitchen from cooking machines to tableware. The products are made with every day catering in mind and so they offer a robust and practical solution to any kitchen needs. You can choose form juicers and deep fat fryers or waffle makers and pasta machines. The crockery, cutlery and glassware ranges online offer great value for money with some budget brands that have rugged qualities and yet are stylish enough for any dining occasion. The whiteware plates, cups and tableware is very popular in catering outlets such as cafes and restaurants as they are hard wearing and show off many foods to perfection. A lot more domestic clients are finding that the tableware and kitchenware we sell is a really nice addition to the home and offers better value than most homewares in the high street store. If you need further help please just drop us an email or call us to discuss.