Wine Chillers

Wine Chillers

Restaurant Refrigeration. Show off wine bottles in a merchandiser front of house to encourage more sales and serve wine at optimum temperature to keep guests happy.

Wine Chillers Restaurant Refrigeration

Wine Coolers can help hospitality and catering outlets when used for displaying or merchandising wines for guests to choose. The wine will be served at optimum temperature so will ensure that guests are happy. By displaying the wines in front of house positions you may also tempt diners and guests to try different wines or encourage up selling to bottle as opposed to by the glass dispense. A good display of wine bottles looks attractive in the bar area or restaurant and can encourage customers to buy with their eyes.

Wine Chillers

Restaurant refrigeration is available in many different formats from front of house as in the wine chillers or back bar range to large storage fridges in the kitchen area. Choose restaurant refrigeration that is built specifically for a catering or hospitality environment and can cope with everyday use.

Restaurant Refrigeration


Wine chillers from Polar, Samsung and Liebherr. Can be used simply as wine bottle coolers in the back of the bar, or as chiller display cabinets to promote wine to customers front of house.