Serve Over Counters

Serve Over Counters

Deli Display, refrigerated service and ice cream serving cabinets all to buy ONLINE 24/7. Great for cafes, sandwich shops, delicatessens and butchers.

Serve Over Counters Deli Display

Cater For offer a big range of refrigerated serve over counters to buy online 24/7. The serve over counters are ideal to display produce and finished dishes at optimum temperature. The food can be displayed stylishly and attractively. The food being shown at optimum standard is designed to tempt buyers and to increase sales. Some of the serve over counters in the range are offered in a slimline solution for outlets where space is limited.

The deli display refrigerated servery range can be used to display meats, sandwiches, bakery and butchery products. The deli display is ideal to merchandise deli meats and products but can also be used in takeaway outlets or small supermarket stores. The deli counters not only act as displays but also serve over counters so they can be used as a sales counter, too.

Ideal for delicatessens, canteens, sandwich shops, cafes, takeaways, restaurants and pub diners. Would also suit butchers, greengrocers, cafes and bakeries.

serve over counters deli display