Dishwashers and Glasswashers

Dishwashers and Glasswashers

Restaurant supply industrial warewasher made to get the job done for pubs, bars, clubs, restaurants, canteens and care homes. Buy NOW!

Dishwashers And Glasswashers Restaurant Supply

Restaurant supply catering equipment such as commercial dish washers and glass washers are great for pubs, clubs, restaurants and hotels. Clean tableware and crockery is absolutely necessary for catering outlets and this can be achieved easily and quickly with a commercial warewasher suitable for restaurant supply.. Most dish washing machines for catering kitchens wash on high temperatures and short cycles of 2-3 minutes giving excellent dish washing at speed and efficiency. An Industrial warewasher is also ideal for schools, canteens, residential care homes and as restaurant equipment.

Catering Equipment glasswashers are ideal for restaurant supply or as bar supplies. Glass washing machines give brilliant results on glassware for any bar environment from pubs, nightclubs, function rooms and leisure clubs. A quick wash cycle ensures that glasses are sparkling and double skinned structure lowers noise during use - using an industrial warewasher for the specific cleaning requirements of pubs and clubs means that customers and staff are kept happy .

Other dish washing and glass washing catering equipment on offer includes pass through machines, waste disposal units and spares. Waste disposal units are a boon to any busy catering kitchen. Food can be immeadiately disposed of without stacked up smelly dustbins and reduce waste going to refuse collection. Pass through macines are great for very busy or large catering kitchens dirty crockery and pans can be stacked on dish washing racks and slid into the machine easily. The pass through warewashers are normally linked to rinse taps and fabricated stainless steel sinks or work surfaces allowing a more intensive wash area to be created.

Cater For Dishwashers Glasswashers Restaurant supply

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