Kristallon Polycarbonate

Kristallon Polycarbonate

Plastic Dinnerware and Picnicware is ideal for a number of applications where unbreakable plates, cups and dishes are required. Great for nurseries, care homes, soft play centres and outdoor dining events.

Kristallon Polycarbonate Plastic Dinnerware Picnicware

Cater For offer a range of kristallon polycarbonate products to buy online 24/7 at your convenience. The plastic dinnerware range is ideal for family dining,picnics or environments where crockery in china is too difficult. The range of plastic plates, jugs, bowls and cups is available in lovely bright col ours. It is a reliable, sturdy solution for dining for children at nursery, school, kids clubs or soft play centres. Also ideal for the frail or disabled to use within care homes or nursing homes.

The range of picnicware offers a bright solution to eating outdoors in a strong plastic polycarbonate format. It is virtually unbreakable and shatterproof so any mishaps won't become an issue or health and safety problem. Carry the picnic ware safely and easily due to it's strength and lightweight properties.



Kristallon Polycarbonate PicnicwarePlastic Dinnerware

Kristallon polycarbonate tableware is virtually unbreakable and shatterproof crockery designed for regular use in schools, prisons, hospitals, outdoor activity centres and other institutions.