Oriental Cookware

Oriental Cookware

Chinese Woks, Indian Sizzler, bamboo steamers create Asian cooking easily using the correct cookware. Professional cookshop items for catering kitchens and home.

Oriental Cookware Chinese Woks Indian Sizzler

Oriental Cookware gives professional chefs and amateur cooks alike a great start when cooking Chinese, Japanese and Indian dishes. A Bamboo steamer allows distinctive an d authentic Asian cooking of dim sum or dumplings and even steamed fish or vegetables. The bamboo gives a gentle taste and aroma to foods whilst cooking.

Oriental Cookware
Chinese Woks are ideal for frying off stir fries and Oriental dishes. The wok is suited to Oriental cooking a sit has high sides for stirring ingredients around the pan for even cooking and can reach higher temperatures more quickly. Indian Sizzler plates are great for traditional Indian foods served to the table giving a great impression to diners. These are also great for Mexican dishes and steaks or griddled vegetables. Ideal for food prep and easy regeneration in service for catering outlets of food handling outlets.

 Chinese Woks Indian Sizzler


Quality oriental cookware. Traditional kahari dishes, woks, bamboo strainers and various utensils available.