Cast Iron Oven to Tableware

Cast Iron Oven to Tableware

Cast Iron Oven to Tableware - Casserole Dishes great cookware essentials - create dishes and serve straight to tabletop. Buy catering equipment quality online!

Cast Iron Oven to Tableware - Casserole Dishes

Buy cast iron oven to tableware online from our web store 24/7 at your convenience. These dishes are at home on any table setting and stylish enough to serve when entertaining guests at home. Catering outlets can use to add a certain rustic homemade quality to dishes served in bistros, hotels, B&B and restaurants. Any warming winter or autumn menu dish will be enhanced served to the table in stylish casserole dishes such as these.

Cast Iron oven to tableware can be used to serve dishes from oven to table removing the need for using extra serving dishes and maintaining the look of the cooked dish. As long as the cast iron casserole dishes are kept well oiled they will maintain their distinctive coating without rusting. We even stock smaller casserole dishes from Staub little individual miniature versions of tableware suitable for single servings. Lovely individual casserole dishes look lovely served at table.



Cast Iron Oven to Tableware  Casserole Dishes


Wide range of Vogue cast iron dishes in green, black or orange with cream enamel interiors. Cast iron ensures even heat distribution and keeps food hotter for longer, increasing energy efficiency. Works with all heat sources.