Vacuum Pack Machines

Vacuum Pack Machines

Food Bag Sealer machines - save money - bag up left overs for safe storage. Ideal for use with water baths or sous vide cooking. Seal up leftovers food to reduce wastage or to help with storage.

Vacuum Pack Machines Food Bag Sealer

Vacuum Pack Machines are great for sealing up special bags that have food inside. Food can be placed in bags and the air is sucked out of them via the vacuum pack machines creating a sealed storage. Use for left overs or pre cooked foods or food management systems. The food will keep longer and more safely with protection from air, moisture and freezer burn. This is an ideal way to store foods in water baths or as a sous vide cooking system, too.

Vacuum Pack Machines
Food bag sealer machines are ideal for home chefs eager to save money and food waste or commercial catering kitchens. Foods sealed in these bags can then be boiled, microwaved and put in the fridge or freezer. Easy to handle the food portions are saved until required. Ideal for food prep and easy regeneration in service for catering outlets of food handling outlets.

Food Bag Sealer


Vacuum pack food with these machines to prolong food life