Pasta Boilers

Pasta Boilers

Professional Cooking Equipment for catering kitchens and commercial cooking. A great range of specialist and specific cooking machines for the catering trade. Big names, great prices most next day delivery.

Pasta Boilers Professional Cooking Equipment

Professional cooking equipment can be bought online at Cater For at your convenience. The range includes all the normal kitchen appliances for any cooking tasks such as toasters, griddles and grills. The more specialised cooking equipment is suitable for professional kitchens with large output or where specific products are cooked daily such as pasta, rice and pizzas. Professional cooking equipment that is required for these tasks is up to the rigid demands of any commercial catering trade environment. The machines are specifically built to make the specialised but everyday tasks easy to carry out and at a professional standard.



Pasta Boilers

Pasta boilers are ideal for creating large amounts of pasta or freshly cooked portions for service. The pasta will be cooked to perfection easily each and every time to keep customers happy and chef happy, too.

Professional Cooking Equipment


Professional pasta boilers. Single and double tank models available including individual lift out baskets to allow separate batches of pasta to be cooked at the same time.