Gas Ovens and Ranges

Gas Ovens and Ranges

Gas Ovens And Ranges - Commercial Catering Equipment. Professional cooking requires specialist apparatus. These gas ovens and ranges are built to work well within a rugged kitchen environment.

Gas Ovens and Ranges Commercial Catering Equipment

Cater For offers a great selection of gas ovens and ranges for professional catering kitchens and food handling outlets. These are robust and rugged gas ovens and ranges ideal for an array of cooking tasks. Cooking on the hob or in the oven is easy with this professional range from well known name manufacturers such as Parry, Blue Seal and Moorwood. The ranges can form part of any modular kitchen set up.

gas ovens and ranges

These high output gas commercial catering equipment ranges offer a responsive and powerful cooking platform for chefs in a professional and commercial environment. These industrial units are great in any catering kitchen and can cope with many cooking tasks.

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Heavy duty gas ovens, ranges, burners and wok stations for the professional caterer. Extensive range of ovens from the top brands including Buffalo, Lincat, Blue Seal, Falcon, Parry, Imperial and Moorwood Vulcan ranges.