Contact and Panini Grills

Contact and Panini Grills

Commercial Sandwich Toaster. These press down grills are ideal for burgers and steaks. Also use to warm pitta breads or make toasties.

Contact and Panini Grills Commercial Sandwich Toaster

Contact and panini grills are great for all sorts of catering outlets. Ideal fro fish and chip shops or takeaways for warming pitta breads for kebabs or making grilled sandwiches. Use them in sandwich shops or canteens for toasties or paninis with delicious fillings. Cook up a griddled BBQ effect on burgers, steaks and veggies in any catering outlet, especially good for bistros, pubs and catering events.

Contact and Panini Grills

The contact grills when used as a commercial sandwich toaster can be used for many different breads and toppings to create a tasty takeaway or warming snack meal. A pull down grill, which is easy to use place items on hotplate and pull down to toast all over top and bottom. You can choose flat plates or ribbed to give an attractive finished effect to any food.

Commercial Sandwich Toaster


Heavy duty contact and panini grills. Available with a combination of ribbed and flat plates. These contact grills are great for making paninis, toasted sandwiches and warming pitta breads for take away fish and chip shops or kebab houses. The ribbed grills are also great for grilling meats, fish and vegetables. A good selection of professional grills from Cater For's range of commercial cooking machines, with products from Buffalo, Rowlett Rutland and Waring.