Combination Ovens

Combination Ovens

Combination ovens from Cater For offer many benefits to the busy productive catering kitchen. The ovens offer features such as cook and hold, regeneration and fast cooking all from one professional commercial cooking machine. Commercial Combination Ovens are a very economical way of cooking in busy kitchens. The benefits are manyfold to small establishments where chef owners are in situ to events caterers where many dishes are required in a short space of time. For more detailed benefits click here.

Combination Ovens

Combination ovens are an absolute boon for the busy catering kitchen. These large pieces of equipment for catering offer the same qualities of a normal oven for catering but they also have many more benefits for chefs. Chefs will still be able to create new and exciting dishes with combi ovens but will reduce time on cooking day to day menus or pass on more tedious tasks to staff to do. These large cooking machines such as Rational selfcook combi ovens can roast joints of meat overnight with little or no shrinkage or wastage and can cope with fresh steamed salmon alongside roast potatoes due to the zoned cooking areas.

Combi ovens are really easy to use and offer such time saving benefits that they soon pay for themselves. A proprietor chef can run a small to medium kitchen using steaming ovens or combination ovens as a mainstay to creating dishes, which are fresh, easy to prepare and with little wastage. Food can be prepped up stored and regenerated or cooked at the touch of a button. For small venues or events caterers combination ovens will enable dishes to be cooked as and when required and will also allow numbers of dishes to be cooked to perfection all at once.

Still unsure or want to see the benefits of these ovens first hand? No problem - we can book you onto a demonstration to see for yourself the benefits to your catering business give us a call on 0844 736 5 726.

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