Boiling Rings Tables and Hobs

Boiling Rings Tables and Hobs

Choose from a range of catering hobs from single boiling ring to multiple burners

Boiling Ring And Wok Burner Ranges

Cater For offer boiling ring equipment available online to buy online 24/7. The range of catering hobs and boiling ring offer a cooking machine range to suit all hospitality outlets and catering kitchens.

The boiling ring range is also ideal for wok burner use and offers a robust cooking solution for outdoor catering that is suitable for commercial catering. A wok burner needs an intense heat source which can be controlled easily for the nature of cooking of stir fries and Asian dishes.

Ideal for restaurants, takeaways, events catering, commercial kitchens and bistros our range of hobs has a solution for all catering needs.