Cloths and Gloves

Cloths and Gloves

Cloths and gloves kitchen supplies buy online. Choose from glass linen, waiting cloths and protective specialist gloves. Take a look at our range.

Cloths And Gloves

Cloths and gloves for catering outlets cover many different requirements from chefs safety mitts for handling dishes to tea towels and front of house items.

In the cloths and gloves  section you will find Linen Union glass linen, tea towels, waiting towels and disposable gloves for bars, hotels and restaurants. Kitchen supplies such as cloths for cleaning and polishing can also be found in this section.

For kitchens we have a range of tea towels in stylish designs for chefs and in wonderdry options for wash up staff use. We offer a wide range of choice for all applications in catering and cleaning. Cloths and gloves are ideal for handling hot or cold dishes either in the kitchen or front of house.

In this section you will find a wide range of safety items such as oven gloves, freezer and fryer safety gloves and disposable gloves.

Kitchen supplies Disposable gloves are great for a wide range of tasks from food preparation and food safety handling to washing up.

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