Cash Registers and EPoS

Cash Registers and EPoS


Cash Registers And EPoS Tills

Cater For has expert staff on hand to give you advice and help on the range of cash registers available for your business, whether a shop or catering outlet. Our cash registers are robust, modern and easy to use. From a very basic budget model to a bar code scanning model all the cash registers offered are manufactured by Sharp. We sell these tills as we recognise their quality and manufacturers status. These cash registers are made to offer many business benefits for your cash handling and business management tasks.

EPoS offers a more comprehensive and integrated system helping you to run your business from the point of view of sales, stock control and reporting. These complex but surprisingly simple EPoS systems offer a way of managing your business from day to day sales, staff management, stock movements and day to day integration in your business. EPoS is a good investment - ask for our advice before you buy so that you gain the best EPoS system for you.

Tills can be as simple or complex as you require. Tills are a great way of handling cash in your business and also for keeping records for your accountant. Look for tills within your budget but always ask our advice before you buy to ensure that the tills you decide on are suitable and future proof.

Cater For cash registers and EPoS tills