Card Payment Security

Cater For Website has the highest level of security set for Card payments to assure our customers that their online transactions are safe and secure. In addition to following industry standards and guidelines such as PCI DSS the Card Details you enter must be exactly the same as the registered card details. Have a look at your credit card or debit card statement to verify this.

To ensure a smooth payment process and get first time credit card or debit card authorisation remember the Card Name and Address must be exactly the same as on the card statement. Make sure the post code is correct too.You may wish to have your credit card or debit card statement to hand. If you have any questions now or at checkout you are welcome to phone us on 0844 736 5726.

If you require Next Day Delivery have your order sent to the card holders address which will speed up our process and help us fulfil your requirement. We do understand that it is not always practical to send to the card holders address especially for businesses. If your order is not sent to the card holders address we may still be able to offer next day delivery but cannot guarantee this as we have to conduct more security checks. 

Remember some sites may authorise your payment but it doesn't mean they have confirmed the exact card details. 

If you are a business owner by default your staff card statements may be sent to their personal addresses. If their purchases are predominantly required at work you may wish to get your card issuer to change the authorised statement address to the companies address.

Any further clarification please email security@caterfor.co.uk. For further information on buying online in general visit Get Safe Online.