Serving Platters and Trays

Serving Platters and Trays

Table Display. Great prices and lovely range online - from silver service to rustic simplicity. Ideal corporate entertainment, buffets and table top service.

Serving Platters and Trays Table Display

Cater For offers a range of serving platters and trays from the simplistic to the stylish. There is something for every catering business in the range of tabletop serving trays. Choose from trays designed for party food or sandwiches for hospitality businesses or shaped trays for hors d'oeuvres and nibbles for celebrations. Serving platters and trays come in a range of reusable or variants of disposable uses to suit the occasion. Stacking platters are great for making the most of space available and using covers gives a professional and hygienic solution. whether you are serving a finger buffet or samples of foods at tastings the platter should be chosen to maximise appeal of the food.

serving platters and trays

Table Display trays are great for serving up foods with style. Choose rustic wooden boards for cheeses and salads or wooden trays for breads at the table or servery. These table display trays as a certain edge to food served to guests. Wavy platters are also great for table display of food, whether for seated guests or at the buffet station.

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Trays and platters for serving on, including stainless steel, chrome plated, laminated, acrylic and melamine choices.