Bar Blenders and Smoothie Makers

Bar Blenders and Smoothie Makers

A professional smoothie bar blender range with a range to suit all budgets and needs - make healthy smoothies, cocktails or even soups

Bar Blender And Smoothie Maker

Smoothie Maker

Trying to make some deliciously healthy, but tasty, drinks needn't be difficult. Home made smoothie drinks are always better than shop bought ones as they are fresher and tastier. Another bonus is that you can use your own ingredients so if you don't like bananas don't use them! For bars and pubs a smoothie maker is a great way to cash in on a new range of drinks as people become more health conscious you could offer fresh fruit smoothies on your drinks list. A smoothie maker is ideal for juice bars, visitor centres and leisure spas as you can entice customers with a healthy smoothie that has been made whilst they wait. At home use up fruit that may be a little too ripe for eating by making a smoothie with the fruit you have available. And for those looking for inspiration here's a breakfast smoothie recipe.

Anyone For Milk Shake?

Here's one for the traditionalists create a smooth and creamy home made milk shake. So much better than the flat insipid milkshakes that can be bought from the supermarkets. Create a whole array of different milkshakes with a milkshake maker - use full cream or skimmed, add fruit or even liquers for something different. And with a milkshake maker you will get a really frothy fu;filling milk shake drink. A milkshake maker is great for juice bars, American diners and pubs looking to offer a different range of drinks to customers as it can also be used as a cocktail mixer.

Bar Drinks From A Blender

A Blender is one of the essentials for bar drinks preparation tasks. Not only will it make you a smoothie, a milk shake and a blended bloody mary but it will also quite cheerfully whizz up a frozen cocktail or a soup! A blender will easily mix together a whole array of ingredients. A blender also makes light work of crushing ice to make cocktails or an array of frozen cocktails, which are rightly suited to the sunny summer evenings. For pubs, bars and clubs who wish to add something special to their drinks menu a blender would be ideal. It could also be used to make dips or sauces alongside some Tequila or Margarita cocktails A great way to entice those customers who can't go abroad this year!

Bar blender, spindle drinks mixers and smoothie makers from Waring, Buffalo and Kenwood.