Blenders And Liquidisers professional equipment suitable for caterers, domestic kitchens and food service industries. Like our smoothie makers? - Facebook us!

Blenders And Liquidisers For Professional Kitchens

Blenders and hand mixers offer versatile food preparation when used within the professional kitchen, bar or domestic kitchen areas. So much time is taken up with food preparation in these areas that a helping hand is always appreciated with specific hospitality equipment.

Fruit purees can be easily prepared for pubs, bars and clubs - great for use in cocktails and mixers for the discerning drinker. Smoothie makers are also a boon for increasingly popular health and fruit drinks. These are great for use in juice bars, health spas and leisure centres.

Kitchen mixers and liquidisers have been used in the kitchen for a long time even Delia has demonstrated a white sauce using a hand mixer to whisk all the ingredients together in lieu of the longer roux method! There are such a variety of dishes, which can benefit from using kitchen blenders from making soups to creating fruit juices. Kitchen mixers can be used for creating everything from starters to desserts. They can also make light work of creating mayonnaise, breadcrumbs, organic baby food and even pate. Try Delia's home made mayonnaise recipe.

Professional catering stick blenders used by restaurants, Asian takeaway outlets and canteens minimise the work needed for large capacity production of soups, sauces, curries and condiments. Smaller equipment can still be used in kitchen, bar and food prep areas to alleviate the arduous task of many food handling tasks. The commercial liquidisers online is built to last and handle an array of day to day tasks.

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