Bar Equipment

Bar Equipment

Bar Equipment - Pub Supplies essentials for all bars and clubs from cocktail accessories to bar top utensils.

Bar Equipment And Pub Supplies



Cater For offer many different pieces of Bar Equipment online for pubs, bars, clubs, hotels and restaurants. Bar equipment is a diverse range of products from large items such as back bar chillers to commercial ware washers. Smaller pieces of bar equipment is just as essential to a busy and well stocked bar area such as corkscrews, glass racks, glassware, optics and cleaning equipment. Online you will find an array of bar equipment to suit your business and because you can shop 24/7 you can buy at a time suitable to your trade, too. Look out for some new cocktail accessories and mixes, which make the creation of new and exciting drinks very easy. Many pubs and bars need to keep up with trends to entice new clientele to their pub and cocktails are a great way of doing that. Bar blenders are also useful to have on hand as you can use these to create new drinks and even soft drinks such as smoothies and shakes.

Bottle stands and brackets, bottle clips and ice buckets can all be found online in our bar supplies section alongside dartboards, cork extractors and wine racks. We have the traditional range of equipment needed to run a bar and some new ideas, too in our bar supplies section. If you can't see what you're looking for give us a bell 0844 736 5 726 (local rate call)

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Pub supplies offer a great range of commercial equipment ideal for the day to day running of your pub. We offer pub supplies such as ice makers machines, which are essential in keeping your customers happy. A ready supply of ice is vital and with the industrial ice maker machines they will continue to supply a determined amount of ice throughout the day and will also have a storage capacity so that you always have ice on hand.

Commercial glasswashers  will ensure that you have aready supply of fresh and clean glassware available for customers. Often bars only have a small space so you can buy a glass washer to suit your premises and wash capacity requirement. Customers will see that you have maintained a clean and professional pub and drinks will be presented much better in a clean glass.

Back bar chillers or bottle coolers are necessarypub supplies for pubs and bars within restaurants, hotels and golf clubs. The bottle chiller will display the range of drinks you have on offer in a professional manner. A good display of bottles in a well lit chiller will enhance your bar area and may encourage people to buy more. Some back bar chiller fridges come with sliding doors so take up little space into a busy bar area. We also supply wine chillers that can have zoned areas for the storage of different wines at optimum temperature.




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